I have always loved being behind a camera. As I grew up in Kelowna, BC, I seemed to create videos about everything and anything. I moved to Vancouver after college to purse a career in the animation industry. Animation is an amazing outlet for creativity, and allows me to have fun every day at work. However, I always felt a very strong pull towards creating films. Over the last two years, my wife Kim has joined my videography adventures in filming along side me.

We feel that every couple and film is unique and special. We want to capture the story of your wedding day that can be remembered forever. When my wife Kim and I were married in 2011, we realized how many details became fuzzy over the next few weeks; the flowers, the first dance, the speeches all became foggy and forgotten. But most importantly, we wanted to be able to revisit the feeling and emotions of our day. The magic of film allows us to expreience our wedding day over and over again.

We want to get to know who you are as a couple and capture the story of your wedding.

Thanks for considering Nate Makes Films for your amazing day!

Talk soon,  Nate